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  Sacha Richter's paintings exhibit an equilibrium between observation and method, and are carefully crafted through a process of painting within a specific and unique topography. The landscape of outer Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers a sharp differentiation of elements- water, sky, and land, and is a place that is evolving and changing under the continuing effects of dramatic natural and cultural influences. It's a rugged environment, and the sharp seasonal differentiations offer incidences of reflection for the range of human emotive capacities. Richter's work within this landscape is about an inclusive and distanced placement, and the viewers of these works are positioned within this engagement.

The processes involved in making these paintings offer an experience for both artist and viewer that reflects the inherent quality of place. While the armature of structural features in these compositions are in fact drawn from the careful observation of specific and known regional sites, they support an accumulation of painterly actions that seem transitory- exhibiting specific occurrences of nature within time. The brief ephemeral effect of a gust of wind over a pond surface, or the breaking of low evening sun through a density of pine trees are embodied within decisive and concrete material actions.

The conduction of observation into painted materiality is reserved and nuanced, revealing an involvement with craft that asks rather than declares revelatory communication. One senses both the artists presence and the experience of place within these works in equal measure. Richter "invites the host" and the works become receptive of a nature that is both inclusive and larger than self. - d.ritter

Truro, 12”x16”, oil on canvas, 2015